Time Matters v10

Many people are aware, or are now becoming aware, that Time Matters 10 is ready to ship.  Users on AMP will start to receive their product keys by email.  

Should you convert on your own?  As always, installing and converting Time Matters is pretty straight forward.  Time Matters 10 is a functional change and a philosophical switch for the product line.  I will follow up with details, but during the import process into Time Matters 10, your data is “cleansed”.  We know of many issues that can arise in your data, that you will never be able to see from within the application.  Steve Stockstill has written an excellent utility that everyone should consider – SharpShooter  www.dataequity.com. Some of the issues we isolate with this tool are dealt with in the conversion.

You should also know that your email attachments might be moving during the conversion process. I will post more on the topic in the coming days.  But…we are here at another version.

Does the 7 Second System change? No…actually you see some of our aproach in Time Matters 10. We were directly consulted, actually we made a trip to the product team in Cary to impore them to improve the powerviews (as well as the shipping defaults) or as we would say…to ease the extraction of data from Time Matters.

As many of you know, we have shipped Premium Powerviews for Time Matters.

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