Convert to 7 Second System from the shipping defaults easily and quickly

As we all know Time Matters as it ships has lots of power, but it is not harnessed. That power gets in the way and leaves the application in a state that is harder to implement and harder to use.  After years of consulting, I took some time off to readjust my philosophy and approach to Time Matters. That was the foundation of the 7 Second System.

Time Matters has to be:

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Understand
  • Easy to extract data
  • Even easier to extract key and critical data

If you have been using the shipping defaults (or any other variation or configuration) we make sure that you have not lost that time investment. We have automated data tools that can manipulate your data and conform it to our way of implementation.

All of our clients learn Time Matters in a few hours.
All of our clients immediately begin to use Time Matters.
We guarantee our training and implementations.

How do we do this? Take a look:

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