Deleting Time Matters Emails with attachments – attachments do not go to the recycle bin

Hopefully everyone knows that Time Matters has a recycle bin. Each time a record is deleted, it goes into the recycle bin, where it can easily be retrieved.  I know that it has saved many firms and my clients are advised to monitor the recycle bin.

When an email is saved from Outlook to Time Matters, it creates a Time Matters email ( in essence the contents from Outlook are copied into that record). If the email has attachments, you are prompted asking how to deal with the attachments. If you select – save as attachments. They are stored as attachments to that Time Matters email.

If a user deletes that email, the attachment is also deleted.  Not a problem. The email is in the recycle bin. You can retrieve that email easily.

The Problem – the attachment is not re-stored. It is lost.

If you were trained by me, you were instructed to never delete that Outlook email. We would have to go find that email and re-save it from Outlook.  This is a known issue in all version of Time Matters (at least after version 5 I believe)

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