Time Matters Exchange Synchronization – Blackberry, Palm and Smartphones

As I work in Toronto a lot, there is this misconception that Time Matters does not sync with the BES server (Blackberry). It does and it works well, sure there are a few things that we would like to change but we have it running at many clients sites and we run it internally.

Time Matters and your Blackberry (and Exchange) can sync over the air. Anything added to Time Matters is added to your Outlook and anything added to Outlook is added to Time Matters.

There are a few “design features” that you need to be aware of and you need to be cautious when using the following features in Outlook/Exchange:

  • Recurring events
  • Meeting requests

Recurring events – as we all know Time Matters creates 1 event for each staff for each occurrence. An event with 2 staff that happens on 3 different days will create 6 events. (A best practice tip is to only schedule an event for the staff that will attend). Outlook uses a formula.  The approaches are different.  In implementing this the developement team at Time Matters drew a line and only creates a defined number of events as it has to stop. You need to be aware of the limits.  Here is the LexisNexis support page http://support.lexis.com/LNOTM/record.asp?ArticleID=6688

Meeting requests –  I am not the Exchange/Outlook expert of the world so to me it is questionable whether a meeting request it an event. I would suspect it is some hybrid of a request and an event so it may be tentative until accepted??? Clear as mud?  For us, we just have to know it a request is sent and the date/time altered in a response or somehow changed at a later time, the Exchance sync treats it as a delete and it is removed from Time Matters.

How do we get around these?
Simple – enter the events in Time Matters. They will push to Outlook/Exchange – to your Blackberry.  Remember that Outlook does not have a Matter – so events added there cannot be attached to your matter.

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