Time Matters Exchange Synchronization – Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the leader in business email. Your Blackberry just works with Exchange. Your smartphone works with Exchange. If you work from more than one computer or location, it is nice to have all of your email in Outlook regardless of  computer and know that it all just works.  So now that your smart phone is attached to Exchange and updates in real-time….you have to get your Time Matters into the picture. As you have seen in previous posts, we can synchronize Time Matters with Exchange.

What if you are a small company or you do not want to manage Exchange internally?  Just get hosted Exchange. There are many providors in the market at reasonable prices. We use hosted Exchange internally at www.mailstreet.net and have been happy with the results. If we ever have issues, tech support is just a chat away. They support the Blackberry Enterprise Server and Exchange Active sync. So you do not need to have Time Matters and Exchange internally hosted and maintained. I have used the BES with a Blackberry 8830 World Edition. I have used the Exchange Active sync with a Palm Treo and my current phone a Palm Pre.

We are trying to maintain a list of providors that we have set up to share. Presently, we have:

If you have hosted Exchange and have the Exchange synchronization configured, let us know and we will update the list.  Kevin Bross, a member of the 7 Second System, does Exchange work and can get you up and running quickly. If you are in Canada, contact us and we can make sure it gets done correctly.

Do you wonder what the Time Matters to Exchange synchronization set up entails? Below is a video of my set up.  Please note that you need to think through any data migrations and their strategies before you start. So think twice (or more) and do once.  You can see an official post from LexisNexis on the setting up the Exchange synchronization at http://support.lexis-nexis.com/LNOTM/record.asp?ArticleID=6691&Print=1

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