Time Matters 10 Installation

Time Matters 10 has been in the market for some time. As everyone knows we typically wait until the first service release to recommend an upgrade. Is there are new killer features? well…. the new powerviews are nice, but anyone using our sstem will not find them particularily helpful as we ship simple effective powerviews.
The desktop extensions are nice – The notepad, contact viewer and the agenda view. The rest need some time to mature.
We are often asked if upgrading is difficult. It never is. There are some things that you have to consider. Time Matters 10 does some data cleanup in the conversion. (Many of these issues we already find and deal with using Sharpshooter). You also want to verify your data before and after to ensure it properly made it through.

The big cavaet – your attachmnets are moved outside the database during conversion. Attachments are now stored as files in the file folder structure and not in the SQL database. It is about time…but if you are a long time Time Matters user, be prepared to wait out the conversion as it may take some time. Interested in the process? Here is a quick run through video:

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