Time Matters Google Synchronization

I have been beta testing Google Connect4TM for a while. It synchronizes your Time Matters contacts and calendar to your Google calendar and contacts.  Why is this new application important? Many phones now work with Google, so we don’t always have to rely upon Outlook as the middle point.  You have to be careful when deailing with technical support and phone to Outlook to Time Matters syncs.  Time Matters tech support is not the place to be ensuring your Outlook is talking to your phone…so be sure to take that out of the mix when dealing with tech support.

Steve over at DataEquity is always on top of things and responsive. All of our clients and implementation rely upon Steve’s tools to make our lives and jobs better.  Everyone needs Sharpshooter and anyone that is using Time Matters the “default” way need to use his tools to convert to our system.

I could bore you with details, but we all like tv so…. here is a quick video:

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