Time Matters training – 7 Second System Training and Support

The 7 Second System has guaranteed training from its inception. We use a variety of mediums including onsite support, online meetings, help videos and manuals. We have added an integrated help system to Time Matters and also to all of the Speed Matters products. For existing clients we are making our way to everyone and updating your powerviews to include the help system.

We are also working on a help desk software implementation. We all receive so much email that it is difficult to ensure we have fixed your questions to your satisfaction when there are multiple consultants working on the implementation. In keeping with the one stop shopping approach we are implementing this help desk solution. It will allow you (and any of your users) to submit help desk tickets. Our team will monitor these tickets, utilize our best resources and be more responsive. We will also allow you to track all of your tickets for your firm regardless of who has submitted. Hang tight for our release.

For now, we have opened up some of the training resources for everyone to see. Take a look at the link below or review the document that is attached below for a sample:

7 Second Training

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