7 Second System Plug-Ins announced on Technolawyer

7 Second System introduced the Time Matters community to the 7 Second Plug-Ins for Time Matters through a technolawyer technorelease.

What are plug-ins? If you are a 7 Second System client…you should have them. If not, contact me. The plug-ins are:

1. A configured easy to use interface for Time Matters. The goal is… Time Matters is easy to use, easy to learn.
2. Supporting powerviews to ensure you can see the data that you need instantly. We have developed the functionality that we think is needed in Time Matters. We were tired of waiting for an improved user experience.
3. Step by step training instruction on usage of the plugins and Time Matters.
4. An integrated Help Desk. Have questions/issues submit a help ticket and track that ticket until it is closed. You can also review all tickets submitted by your firm.

Why make Plug-Ins?  My view is they are needed. The Time Matters initial user experience needs work and it has not changed in some time and candidly we do not see any change in the near future.  We took control of the future and we take control of the end user experience. As we shape that experience, we ensure your firm adopts Time Matters consistently. The end result is an application that everyone uses. You get your data your way.

We have a series of videos at 7SecondSystem.com and they are on Youtube.com as a playlist. All of the videos will play below in a series. Feel free to skip the ones that you are not interested in:

Document Plug-In
Discovery Tracking Plug-In
Notes Plug-In
Calendar Plug-In
Email Plug-In

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