Billing Matters – still using it? What you should do.

If you are using Billing Matters, you have been for many years. I have been involved with Billing Matters well before it was ever launched. I did the premium solutions support for Lexis and Kelly Jones and I did a national seminar just on Billing Matters.

What should you be doing now?

1. Spending some time with the validity of your data. There is data in your database that you cannot see.  A good indicator is the size of your database and how quickly it is growing.

Be careful of your database size and rate of growth. If you are using a free version of SQL, consider upgrading.
Purchase Sharpshooter from DataEquity. It will run analytics on the data that you cannot see. If you are interested, contact me and we will offer special pricing or bundled services.

2. Make sure  your system is set up properly.  Do your bills look right? Do your reports add up? Can you analyze the data in your reports?

If you are unsure, you can contact me and I will set up a consultation with Kelly of our team. She can quickly assess your situation, offer suggestions and get your Billing Matters tuned up.

3. Be consistent, Be concise.  Use the product the same each time. Whenever you discount an invoice do it the same way. This way you can analyze the impact.

Have a firm meeting and get everyone on the same page.

4. If you are not on the current version, upgrade. With your AMP, you have access to support and during the upgrade process some of your data is cleaned.  Billing Matters currently has an issue with growing the database with empty space as you enter time and other transactions. When you upgrade, this empty space is cleaned. If you are on the current version, there is no supported fix.  Although the fix is ran during the upgrade process, the same fix is not supported on a current version of Billing Matters.

SharpShooter gives your invaluable insight into the current status of your Billing Matters database.

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