Data Migration – Time Matters, PCLaw, Cloud based applications, Salesforce

Once again I am working on a larger data migration project and I am reminded of the key points which are mostly forgotten.

What is the key? Data migration is a process and as a customer you need to engage your consultant. I would also be cautious of thinking a data import is a data migration. There are a series of steps and at each step you need to asses your progress and gauge success.

I can think of 2 distinct Data Migration examples.

1.Upgrading from 1 version of an application to another.
2. Moving from one Matter Management Application (Practice Management) to another.

Especially in Time Matters, when you upgrade from 1 version to another, you need to verify the data has migrated. At the very least you should do record counts and a random sample visual confirmation. If you are upgrading an accounting and/or billing application you should run your key reports before and after the conversion.

The easy stuff? Each application deals with dates and times in their own way. Some databases are more normalized than others.

Moving from one application to another can be difficult. You have to account for the differences in the applications and you have to deal with the integrity of your data. As we migrate clients away from Time Matters we have to be cautious of their data.

We have a team that has many years experience in Migrating data and a team with years of experience managing the process. We move clients to and from all of the applications that we support.

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