Lexis Nexis Time Matters and PCLaw conference 2011

Just back from this year’s Time Matters and PCLaw conference. My thoughts summed up. There are indicators that the future will bring some innovation and some updates and fixes to the applications. These are needed and a positive sign in the market.

The Time Matters exchange synchronization will support Exchange 2010 in the near future. It has been re-written. Let’s hope they have improved the logging of the application and deal with meeting requests in an affective manner. We all know meeting requests and the current Time Matters Exchange synchronization do not mix. If you are using them….read my previous blogs.

The PCLaw to Time Matters link is undergoing a re-fresh. In the future we will see an expanded and a reasoned approach. Sorry…nothing to add or change to it today, although with the release of PCLaw 11 the link now runs as a service and is not a process.

Once we have the products in hand..more will come.

If you have not upgraded to Time Matters 11 or PCLaw 11 or you have to renew your AMP in the near future, contact me and we can work on them together. Lexis has given consultants some incentive to assist in the upgrades and AMP that will benefit customers.


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