The Cloud and Canadian Lawyers

The cloud is an interesting evolution. Defining the cloud is always a conversation.

We use the cloud extensively. So extensively, that as a computer dies, I am up and running (exactly as I was before) in minutes not hours, days etc. I do have high speed internet that is stable and consistent.

As a consultant – Our team stores documents in the cloud. We do project management in the cloud. Our help desk is in the cloud. Our training manuals/materials are in the cloud. Our email is in the cloud. Our mind mapping/thought management is in the cloud. We have online meetings and online training sessions. We remotely manage most of our clients so that we can work after hours. We support Matter Management applications in the cloud.

As a Lawyer. We store and backup documents in the cloud. OurĀ collaborationĀ is in the cloud as we are in different cities. Our Matter Management is in the cloud. Presently, we run the criminal business on Advologix. Being built on top of the platform we can do a lot with it, including scheduled reporting, anywhere access and take complete control over the interface.

The problem? Or a potential issue? Where is the data? It is not stored in Canada. It is in the North American cluster. NA7.

What does a Canadian Lawyer do when they want to use Matter Management in the cloud and have their data in Canada? Right now? There is no option. I looked into Clio and although it is located in Canada (British Columbia) there is no guarantee your data will reside in Canada.

With long ears, I hear there will be an option in the near future. If you are interested drop me a line and we can discuss or I can let you know when it will be announced.

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