Billing Matters – the series

With the re-invention of Billing Matters, I am going to write a series of posts. Kelly Jones and I travelled across the US and did a series of Billing Matters boot-camps. It was under a day… you had a complete, set up and ready to use Billing Matters database. If you have ever read my blogs or watched any videos here, you know that we transform Time Matters into an easy to use application that still has all of the power and features of Time Matters.  Billing Matters is no different. When set up properly it is a flexible billing application.

As with all software applications you have to concern yourself with the validity and health of your data. The Time Matters quicktab is your best friend and a great help to analyse the data that has been entered for accuracy. Each role in your office should have a series of quicktabs. In the backend you have to aware of a few housekeeping issues. 1 or 2 you cannot really solve, unless you have not upgraded recently. An upgrade will assist as it cleans some data as it upgrades. There is an issue with padded space in the billing table. It is something that needs to be dealt with if you are a long time Billing Matters user or you plan to be a long time Billing Matters user. Too technical for this intro blog, but I will get back to it later.

Stay tuned. Let me know if there are areas of the application that you want explained. It can be as technical as you want or practical.


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