Time Matters Google Synchronization revisited

It appears as though the Time Matters Google Synchronization product Google Connect is going to be available in the market. Mobility (having your data available to you while you are mobile) used to be a luxury or a cool gadget but is is the norm now. It is needed. Time Matters does have an Exchange synchronization. Time Matters does have mobility. For my clients, Steve at DataEquity has been releasing far superior add ons and applications to extend your Time Matters.
MobileTM is far superior to the Lexis offering.
Guest Office – a client extranet opens new worlds for your Time Matters use.
SharpShooter (with a new release days away) is necessary for everyone.
Connecting your Time Matters to Google? Also needed in the market and a necessary tool. I am even more excited that it is one way from TM to Google and can be removed at any time.
When it ships, I will post a review and demonstration.

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