Taking your Law Office paperless and in the cloud for $500 and $5/month per user

If you are not ready to purchase a document and email management system BUT you would like to be able to review your documents from anywhere there is a basic answer. What you need:

  1. Scanner – my recommendation is a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 (on sale at costco.ca for $399 until February 9 2014 http://www.costco.ca/Fujitsu-ScanSnap-iX500-Wireless-Duplex-Colour-Scanner.product.100096421.html)
  2. Staple removers – get several kinds from your office supply store
  3. Stapler – to re-staple after scanning
  4. Box.com account – Starter for up to 10 users $5/month per user (https://app.box.com/pricing/)

This is all easy. Here are your steps.

  1. Install the BoxSync application.  https://sites.box.com/sync4/
  2. Create a folder in Box for your Matters.
  3. Sync that folder to your desktop.
  4. Create a folder for a Matter.
  5. Scan your first documents using the ScanSnap. Save them to the folder from 4.
  6. The box sync app will upload the scan to Box.com
  7. Install the box apps on your phone and tablet. Open the application and review the scanned image

Other options:

  1. You can copy your existing documents into the Matter folders from #4 above. Be careful how much you copy at one time, as the Box Sync app will have to upload each document
  2. If you are working with multiple users, you can sync the Matters to their desktop as well.

Other considerations:

  1. Security – be sure to turn on 2 factor authentication in Box.com. This way each time you log onto your Box.com account with your username and password, you have to use a second form of authentication.  I use text message code to my phone. This way I can access documents when I am at court from the library computer and not worry that I have compromised security.
  2. Archives – As a Matter closes, you probable do not want to sync it to your desktop. I move the Matter folder to an archive folder that is only in the cloud. You have to do this from the Box.com website. You can move the folder. The Box sync app will remove it from your desktop

This is taking your documents and making them available. It is file folders that are the same on your desktop, all of your mobile devices and the cloud. This is not a document management system. If you are looking for a cloud document management system, take a look at NetDocs.

I will follow up with some blogs on setting up the ScanSnap and Box.com.  I also have my box.com account integrated into Matters360 for criminal lawyers.

Until next time…


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