7 Second System-what is it?

What is the 7 Second System?

It is a systematic approach to implementing Time Matters that takes into account your needs and usage today and into the future. It includes project planning, Time Matters configuration and some basic customization, training and support.

Why not a features package?

For years, Time Matters has tried to push features packages into the market.  It does not work…if you focus on the features of Time Matters and not how they are used and implemented your project will take a difficult path and stretch out the time your firm is in transition.  Features Packages are the wrong tool for the job (not to mention in many instances the “features package” inside Time Matters do not work as designed – or they are desinged wrong)

Setting the expectation that you can import a file into Time Matters and …. your firm just works… is not the way to implement.

What was my biggest problem as a consultant?

The first is areas of the application do not function as desinged, or they are designed incorrectly. There are areas of the program that you can use that in the long run will lead to issues and problems.  We do not have those issues asd we stay one step ahead and steer the firm away from thos areas.

The second was the general discussion and sales motion with a new firm. We would discuss how my experience and knowledge led me to be a good fit to implement Time Matters for them. Invariable the firm would say..

You understand what we do. Make it work.

My problem was this .. how could I answer? We need to do some needs analysis and begin to create a solution for you backed by a plan and a statement of work. This was my answer for many years. But…

If I am an expert in implementations having worked with thousands of users…why is a firm that has never used a practice management application helping me (or telling me) what it should do?

The Reality of Software needs-the core

All firms have the same core needs.

  • Matter Management
  • Track the people that are on each matter (clients, lawyers, parties, experts)
  • Track key dates on each matter – limitations, deadlines both court and client mandated
  • Track the Matter calendar
  • Quickly see all notes, phone calls, log entries on a matter
  • Document Management – at the matter and firm level
  • Email Management
  • Group calendaring
  • Be able to implement firm wide risk management measures – manage all key dates for the firm
  • Be able to implement a management oversight system

Without any discussion or fanare the 7 second System meets these needs in the initial configuration. We provide data migration services and provide (and guarantee) full training.

Beyond the core needs

The above are the core needs but the 7 second system contemplate adding deeper functionality to address firm specific issues.  A few examples:

  • Discovery tracking
  • Document and record collection from clients and third parties
  • Client reporting