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Online Business Backup – Canadian data Centers

For my Canada customers, after having evaluating many backup providers, I presently use KineticD. I support and recommend it to all my clients, not just Canada clients. Here is a blog post about why you should use a Canadian backup provider:  

Taking your Law Office paperless and in the cloud for $500 and $5/month per user

If you are not ready to purchase a document and email management system BUT you would like to be able to review your documents from anywhere there is a basic answer. What you need: Scanner – my recommendation is a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 (on sale… Continue reading

What Software do I use to run my business update

coming soon… a sneak peek at Matters360 for Criminal Lawyers I run my business on it everyday. It saves me a lot of time and decreases my stress….

What software do I use to run my law practice?

As many of you know, I am a licensed lawyer in Ontario, Canada (that is why it is I was called to the bar in 1999, but started to split my time in 2000 between law and consulting. I have been back to law… Continue reading

Sneak Peak Matters360 has gone live. We are now rolling out Matters360 to customers in Canada. It can be installed on-premise but it is also hosted in Canada – in fact in Toronto. Now your SaaS data is stored in Canada. Watch as we begin a series… Continue reading