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Convert to PCLaw SQL

New sales of PCLaw Pro now ship as a SQL version. In Ontario, most PCLaw Pro firms have been using the product for many years before the SQL version existed. As we receive new versions and new product keys, the option of SQL is there.… Continue reading

Cheque Fraud Protection system for PCLaw

If you take a look at the TD Commercial banking site -(¬†, you will see they offer a Cheque Fraud Protection program. We have developed a system for PClaw to offer an integration with this system. We support the positive pay with payee match. It… Continue reading

Time Matters PCLaw link – Synchronization – The Intro

Having a healthy client base in Ontario and Toronto, I deal with the Time Matters PCLaw link on a daily basis. I was exposed to PCLaw for the first time in 1995, Time Matters 1999. The first good sized firm that I linked was in… Continue reading