Time Matters basic training online

For all of our customers, we provide a step by step training manual that is always available and answers all end user questions. The materials are updated as we receive support questions. Our delivery is SaaS which has many benefits. We update the materials in… Continue reading

The Cloud and Canadian Lawyers

The cloud is an interesting evolution. Defining the cloud is always a conversation. We use the cloud extensively. So extensively, that as a computer dies, I am up and running (exactly as I was before) in minutes not hours, days etc. I do have high… Continue reading

Lexis Nexis Time Matters and PCLaw conference 2011

Just back from this year’s Time Matters and PCLaw conference. My thoughts summed up. There are indicators that the future will bring some innovation and some updates and fixes to the applications. These are needed and a positive sign in the market. The Time Matters… Continue reading

Billing Matters – still using it? What you should do.

If you are using Billing Matters, you have been for many years. I have been involved with Billing Matters well before it was ever launched. I did the premium solutions support for Lexis and Kelly Jones and I did a national seminar just on Billing… Continue reading

Lexis Nexis decides not to discontinue Billing Matters billing functionality

The following was finally released to the public by LexisNexis. We would like to share some good news with our loyal Time Matters and Billing Matters customers. In response to customer requests and, after careful consideration, LexisNexis has decided NOT to discontinue the billing functionality of Billing… Continue reading

7 Second System Plug-Ins announced on Technolawyer

7 Second System introduced the Time Matters community to the 7 Second Plug-Ins for Time Matters through a technolawyer technorelease. What are plug-ins? If you are a 7 Second System client…you should have them. If not, contact me. The plug-ins are: 1. A configured easy… Continue reading

Time Matters crashing? Have you tried everything? An answer?

I will start with this…. in general we do not have crashing issues. We carry lots of clients, many of which are on our fixed fee implementation….that means we support all issues – technical, set up and training. So if we had crashing, I would… Continue reading

Time Matters training – 7 Second System Training and Support

The 7 Second System has guaranteed training from its inception. We use a variety of mediums including onsite support, online meetings, help videos and manuals. We have added an integrated help system to Time Matters and also to all of the Speed Matters products. For… Continue reading

Time Matters Google Synchronization

I have been beta testing Google Connect4TM for a while. It synchronizes your Time Matters contacts and calendar to your Google calendar and contacts.  Why is this new application important? Many phones now work with Google, so we don’t always have to rely upon Outlook as… Continue reading

Time Matters Case Study – 7 Second System client

http://www.lexisnexis.com/law-firms/practice-management/resource-center/time-matters-case-studies.aspx Lexis published a case study on our Time Matters client McGlinchey Stafford.   Large firm that had tried other applications..and other Time Matters consultants. We implemented for a fixed per user charge in offices across the US. Here is the case study: