When a user leaves what happens to their data?

I am sure that it has happened to us at one time or another. A user leaves the firm.  What happens to their data? As we should know:  a user is a person that logs into Time Matters and a staff is someone that owns… Continue reading

Deleting Time Matters Emails with attachments – attachments do not go to the recycle bin

Hopefully everyone knows that Time Matters has a recycle bin. Each time a record is deleted, it goes into the recycle bin, where it can easily be retrieved.  I know that it has saved many firms and my clients are advised to monitor the recycle… Continue reading

Time Matters PCLaw link – Synchronization – The Intro

Having a healthy client base in Ontario and Toronto, I deal with the Time Matters PCLaw link on a daily basis. I was exposed to PCLaw for the first time in 1995, Time Matters 1999. The first good sized firm that I linked was in… Continue reading

7 Second System receives LexisNexis Platinum Achievement Circle – Top Sales Producer – Time Matters

At PMAC, it was announced that 7 Second System is the Top Sales Producer for the Time Matters product.  What does this mean? No other company sold more Time Matters than the 7 Second System.  Congratulations to our team. How do we do it? We are… Continue reading

Time Matters Exchange Synchronization – Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the leader in business email. Your Blackberry just works with Exchange. Your smartphone works with Exchange. If you work from more than one computer or location, it is nice to have all of your email in Outlook regardless of  computer and know that… Continue reading

Time Matters Exchange Synchronization – Blackberry, Palm and Smartphones

As I work in Toronto a lot, there is this misconception that Time Matters does not sync with the BES server (Blackberry). It does and it works well, sure there are a few things that we would like to change but we have it running at… Continue reading

Time Matters v10

Many people are aware, or are now becoming aware, that Time Matters 10 is ready to ship.  Users on AMP will start to receive their product keys by email.   Should you convert on your own?  As always, installing and converting Time Matters is pretty straight… Continue reading